ebike conversion kits UK
Vogvigo 26″ Electric Bike Conversiono Kit ReaseJoy 26" Electric Bike Conversion Kit Theebikemotor 26" Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Type Rear Electric Wheel Front Electric Wheel Front Or Rear Electric Wheel
Voltage 48V 48V 48V
Top Speed 35 - 40mph 27 - 30mph 37mph
Features LCD Display, Regenerative Braking Thumb Throttle, Regenerative Braking LCD Display

So you have seen people whizzing around effortlessly on these cool electric bikes and are interested to know more about them.

Electric bike conversion kits also known as ebike conversion kits can transform your standard pedal bike into something with a little more power. By adding an electric bike conversion kit to your standard push bike you’ll be able to tackle those tough hills that would usually push you to the limit and also allow you to much greater distances without feeling like you will collapse by the time you there! Ebike conversion kits are quite impressive in that almost any bike can be converted and it is a pretty straight forward process. These are not to be confused with an electric scooter for adults which is a different thing entirely. In fact you have probably seen many ebikes around but not realised they are in fact electric bikes and not just a standard bike like you might have thought. Many of the electric bike kits are very low profile so you would barely even notice them.

There are several different types of electric kits for bikes so we have chosen the 5 of the best electric bike conversion kits that have been reviewed on Amazon UK. Before we dive into the reviews we must first define what a ebike conversion kit exactly is and why they have become so popular.

What is an electric bike conversion kit?

An electric bike conversion kit will allow you to turn your standard pedal bike into an electric bike by simply adding this small kit to your bike. There are several types and most have different settings so you can choose how hard you would like to pedal. For example if there is a steep hill then you can change the setting and get more power from the electric motor so you don’t have to work as hard as you would using a standard pedal bike. An ebike is essentially a standard bike with an added motor that is a very low profile design and barely noticeable. They are faster than electric scooters and have a greater distance. You can also of course pedal as normal if the battery is low as opposed to electric scooters that when dead have to be carried.

How does an ebike conversion kit work?

An electric bike will drive just the same as a regular bike and the electric motor is there just to facilitate the rider rather than completely replace the peddling power. An electric bike usually relies on 3 components that is the drive chain, the battery and the motor. The motor is obviously the vital part and there are different types of ebike conversion kit motors such as the front motor, rear motor and mid drive motor. There are also different types of batteries including pedal only, pedal assist and even completely electric. The drivetrain then is what actually powers the wheels to create the forward motion.

Most batteries will give a range of 40 miles or more and the battery can be easily fully charged in just 2 – 4 hours for the better electric bike kits and some cheaper electric bike kit batteries will take longer to charge depending on their price range. The battery can be charged from a normal plug socket in your home and most people will leave them charge over night.

What are the benefits of getting an ebike conversion kit?

There are many benefits to getting an ebike conversion kit. They are eco friendly as they run on an electric motor so no emissions are given out whilst you can enjoy your journey. They are also super cost effective. If you use your electric bike to get to work instead of your car or using public transport think of the savings that would be made!

By getting an electric bike conversion kit you can ride those long distances that you thought before to be too much of a distance or too exhausting. You can also tackle steep inclines that you may have struggled with before as the electric motor will make pedaling so much easier. Getting an electric bike conversion kit is much cheaper than going all out and buying a whole new electric bike so there is huge savings to be made by using a conversion kit.

Let’s take a look at some of the top electric bike conversion kits:

So when reviewing the ebike conversion kits we will be examing the motor, drivechain and battery of each kit so as cover all the bases and show you the differences between each option. Let’s now take a look at the 5 best electric bike conversion kits:

  1. Vogvigo 26″ 24V/36V/48V/500W/1000W/1500W Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit E-bike Cycling Hub with Brushless Geared LCD Display

The Vogvivo rear wheel electric bike conversion kit will allow you to convert your pedal bike into an electric bike in a matter of just 1 hour. Using a front wheel design the Vogvigo ebike conversion kit will fit most 26″ tire slots.

This electric bike kit can be fitted at home and you do not need a professional to fit this kit. It recharges the battery during braking and it has no chains or gears so there is less friction. This means that not only is this kit very efficient but it is also very quiet. It comes with an LCD display so you can monitor your battery levels. This electric bike kit comes with a 48V controller, LCD screen, aluminum brake levers, a throttle with electric lock, PAS 8-magnet high-quality pedal assist sensor, as well as a controller bag, battery connecting harness, and a 3-phase motor wire box.

The Vogvivo ebike conversion kit is a very good piece of hardware that will allow you to convert your bike in a quick and easy manner without the need for any professional help.

Please note that this kit does not include the battery and charger and a 48v battery is recommended.

2. ReaseJoy 36V 500W 26″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit E-Bike Cycling Hub

The Reasejoy 500W electric bike conversion kit has a 500W motor that has a top speed of 33km/h. It also has a drive system without moving chains or gears which means there is less friction and therefore making it more efficient.

The brake shuts down the motor automatically which means that it saves energy. It has a dual mode motor and it has a aluminum rim for stronger support. It also comes with a thumb throttle and a 3 LED indicator.

Do note however that there is no battery included in this conversion kit.

3. Theebikemotor 48V1500W Hub Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit + LCD+ Tire:

This model of electric bike conversion kit can accelerate your bike to an impressive 60km/h speed making it a very powerful electric bike conversion kit. This kit includes a motorized wheel, 45A wave controller, PAS, brake lever, throttle with lock, LCD display, controller bag, cable harness and 6 or 7 speed gear for the rear wheel.

The Sine Wave controller gives a more stable and more efficient function as well as supporting low current consumption. It also supports a criuse function and regenerative braking (recharges the battery when braking). the LCD display indicates battery level as well as other important aspects for your journey such as speed, mileage and gear. It also has a pedal assistance system that lets you enjoy cycling along whilst being assisted by the electric motor.

What to look for when buying an electric bike conversion kit?

As electric bikes have become more popular over the last few years so has the interest in the ebike conversion kits as it is a much cheaper alternative than getting a whole new electric bike. There are several different types of bike conversion kits available that will allow you to convert your standard bike into a power ebike.

A popular option is to fit an electric wheel to your standard pedal bike. This can be done to either the front or the back of the bike and only one electric wheel is needed. Another option is to fit a drive unit to your bike. This can be done to the front or rear wheel or to middle of your bike. So lets now take a look at the different types of ebike conversion kits available:

Electric Wheel:

This is one of the most popular ways to make your bike an electric bike and it is done by replacing your standard wheel with an electric wheel. This can be done to the back or the front wheel and it contains a speacial hub and gearing. The battery is usually either mounted with the wheel or separately. One thing to bare in mind is the weight distribution.

If the battery is seperate to the wheel then a front electric wheel is a good option but if the battery is in the front wheel then it can make the steering a little bit heavier. This is fine but just something to bare in mind. Generally a front electric wheel is recommended for road use and back wheel for off road. Also if you opt for the rear wheel option with the battery in the rear wheel just be aware that it means a lot of power can be applied quickly so it will take some getting used to.

Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kits:

In our opinion this is the best option. This is exactly how actual ebikes are made. It means that the weight is distributed evenly under the driver. As you can see in the image above it is mounted to the frame but this is not ideal off road as it means the electric kit for your bike is exposed. For road use this is perfect and as we have mentioned the best option in our opinion!

Friction Drive electric bike kit:

The friction drive electric bike conversion kit is a bit different in that it sits on the rear wheel using the friction from the wheel to generate go forward. This is more old school solution and not one that we would really recommend but it is an option so we thought we should mention it. Again the weight is not distributed evenly with this option and the kit won’t last as long as the other options mentioned.

What technical details to consider when looking for the best electric bike conversion kit?

So now you know the main types of electric kits for your bike let’s take a look at what technical aspects you need to consider before choosing the right option. The three main things to consider are wattage, voltage and amp hours.

For watts you will generally see motors advertised as 250W, 500W and 750W. More watts means more power but it also means you will need a bigger battery to generate the power.

The voltage is generally 24V or 48V in the electric kits for bikes and the amp hours are is between 8 – 20Ah.

Just to keep things simple if you are just cycling on flat roads then a small motor is fine and of course for off road you will need a bigger motor.