How to choose an Electric Bike Battery

electric bike battery 36v

In this article we will be detailing how to choose the best electric bike battery for your electric bike. Whether you are replacing an existing battery or using an electric bike conversion kit to convert your standard pedal bike we will give you a breakdown on the things to look for when shopping for an electric bike battery. In reviewing the best electric bike battery’s available here in the UK we will take a look at the battery type, voltage and amp.

Types of electric bike battery:

There are several different types of electric bike battery available to buy such as lead acid, lithium and nickel based battery’s and there are also many different types within these variations.

Seal Acid Electric Bike Battery

The seal acid type batteries have been around for almost a century so the technology has been perfected since they first began to be used. These are usually a cheaper battery and they are eco friendly in the sense that they can be recycled so they are perfect for those of you on a budget.

They do have some negatives however and are not as good as the other types of electric bike battery available in terms of performance.

They are a fairly heavy battery and they will not have as great as a range as their rivals. As well as this they do not stand up as well to extreme weather conditions. These batteries are an option like we said if on a budget but we would suggest avoiding them if possible.

Nickel Based Electric Bike Batteries

There are several nickel based battery types for the electric bike and they are nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydride. The nickel cadmium battery can store quite a bit of energy per pound but they are extremely toxic and bad for the environment. As we try to be as eco friendly as possible here at ebikeobsessed again we would try to steer clear of these. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are similar to the cadmium battery however they are more Eco friendly and can be recycled. However Lithium based batteries have taken over since they came on the scene.

Lithium Electric Bike Batteries

The reason electric bikes have become so popular in the last few years is that they have become more affordable, have a greater range than before and are considerably lighter. This is no coincidence and it is largely down to the lithium battery that ebikes have become so popular. They are much lighter than their rivals and are more able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The only black mark over lithium batteries is that they are still a bit of a hazard in terms of catching fire. This can be seen in the hoverboards which caught fire when they were first released due to poor quality lithium batteries.

Most electric bikes now use lithium batteries. One thing is for sure that the batteries will continue to get lighter, have a greater range and become more affordable which is only a good thing for us electric bike lovers! So now that we have gone over the boring stuff let’s take a look at what good electric batteries are available online.

1. X-go 36 10h Hailong lithium electric bike battery

First on our list is the X-go 36 10h Hailong lithium battery. As we have already discussed the lithium batteries are far superior to their older rivals. The X-go is a modern shaped battery that is easy to install and easy to remove when need be.

It is recommended for a motor of 200 – 500W and it can work in extreme temperatures from -20C – 60C so it is very durable. It only has a self discharge of 3% per month so it can be left idle for quite some time without much decrease in performance. It comes with a 1 year warranty so you can be sure it is a good quality electric bike battery. Modern Shape design, easy to install and remove, Recommend to use:200W-500W

Main Features:

  • Modern slick design
  • For 200 – 500W motors
  • Can withstand -20C -60C temperatures
  • 1 Year Warranty

2. X-go 36V 10Ah Waterproof Electric Bike Battery

Another electric bike battery from X-go is the 36V electric battery for 200 – 350W motors. Again this is a very slick design that is easy to install and remove when need be. It can also withstand extreme temperatures as the electric bike battery above of -20C – 60C. It also has the same low self discharge rate as the X-go battery above of just 3% per month so no worries of the battery draining whilst lying idle for longer periods. Modern Shape design, easy to install and remove, Recommend to use: 350W

Main Features:

  • Slight design
  • 36V battery
  • For 200 – 350W motors
  • Can withstand temperatures of -20C – 60C

3. Electric Bike Battery 24V-10.4AH Li-ion E-Bike Battery Pack

Third on our list is the 24V electric bike battery. Designed in Europe and assembled in China it can withstand temperatures of -20C – 50C and it has a low self discharge so if left idle it will not lose much battery. It is another Lithium Ion battery as they are simple the best and it has about 1000 charges for it’s life cycle. It runs on a Samsung cell so you know it is of high quality.

Main Features:

  • 24V
  • -20C – 50C working temperatures
  • 1000 charges per life cycle
  • Samsung Cell Type