Electric Bike For Sale

So you are looking to find out the best electric bikes for sale here in the UK. There is quite a diverse range of standard electric bikes and electric mountain bikes for sale and we have taken the time to research and do a quick write up on what is available and how they all compare. The first part of this article will look at standard electric bikes for sale and the second part will discuss electric mountain bikes for sale. Ps. If you are new to electric bikes and are wondering what they are all about then check out our homepage for basic information on them.

*If you are looking specifically for electric bikes under £1000 then check out our electric bikes for under £1000 page.*

A quick breakdown of what people are looking to get an electric bike is that they assist you in your journey so you can go much further with less effort. They also help you climb inclines so again you are not using as much effort and you can easily control how much assistance you would like from the electric motor. They are a great, eco friendly way of traveling around town. So now that we have a quick breakdown of what they are for let’s take a look at what the most important things to look for when shopping electric bikes for sale.

What are the most important things to look for when discussing electric bikes for sale:

The main things to be looked at when getting an electric bike is the range, the power, the speed and the build quality. Price is always a factor no matter what you are buying so we have taken this into account also.

  1. e-Ranger Overlander standard electric bike

e-range electric bike for sale UK

The e-Range electric bike for sale is a road touring bike that has a range of 30 – 50 miles depending on the terrain, throttle option used, weight of the rider and inclines. It has a very stylish look very much like a standard bike whilst having all of the benefits of its 250W motor. It comes with 26″ tires which are standard on most conventional and electric bikes and it weights 24kg.

The battery can be recharged 500 times so it should last you 5 years as recommended by the manufacturer. It comes with 9 separate speed gears

Main Features:

  • 250W Motor
  • 26″ Tires
  • 30 – 50 Mile Range

2. Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame Electric Bike For Sale

cyclamatic electric bike for sale UK

Next on our list is the Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus. We have already review this bike before on our electric bikes for under £1000 list but as we think it is a great bike and very popular we have to mention it here again.

As you might have guessed from the name it comes with a strong alloy frame. It has a top speed of 15.5mph from the 36V battery. It has a distance of 31 – 37 miles again depending on things like the terrain, weight of the rider and how you use the gears. This bike also comes with a 9 speed gear system. This is a very popular option and one of our favourites here at ebikeobsessed.co.uk.

Main Features:

  • Alloy Frame
  • 15.5mph Max Speed
  • 31 – 37 Mile Range
  • 9 Speed Gear System

3. NCM Milano Electric Bike

Next on our special electric bikes for sale list is the NCM Milano electric bike. This is a long range electric bike with a range of 75 miles (in eco mode) on a full charge which is very impressive. This is a unique electric bike as it comes with a USB port so you can charge your mobile device while you are traveling which would definitely come in handy!

It comes with a 250W rear hub motor that can maintain a max speed of 15.5mph. It’s LCD display will give you all the information you need to know about your journey and it comes with a 7 speed gear system. It comes with standard size 26″ tires.

Main Features:

  • 250W Motor
  • 75 Mile Range (in eco mode)
  • 15.5mph Max Speed
  • 7 Speed Gear System
  • Built in USB Port
  • 26″ Tires

Electric Mountain Bikes For Sale – Editors Choice

So now that we have had a look at the standard electric bikes for sale options we will now take a look at what electric mountain bikes are for sale in the UK. Electric mountain bikes allow you to go further and faster with their pedal assisting electric motors.

Mountain biking is all about have fun and with the assistance of an electric motor you can amplify that fun and climb up steep inclines without losing the will to live! It’s true that the first electric mountain bikes for sale were quite heavy which is obviously not what you look for in a mountain bike but now there are some great options available that are much lighter than earlier models and the ebike mountain bikes have really taken off!

The fact that you are reading this means you are ready to full embrace the ebike mountain bike craze as many other riders have. So lets take a look at the some of the electric mountain bikes for sale in the UK at the moment.

1. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

The Ancheer electric mountain bike comes equipped with a 36V lithium removable battery and a 250W motor that can reach speeds of 15mph. It has a range of 15 – 30 miles so it should be more than enough for your adventure. It has an aluminum alloy frame that is light and strong and it has front and rear mechanical disk brakes that are reliable for good stopping power no matter what the conditions.

It comes with the Shimano 21-Speed gear which will increase climbing hill power and give a greater range. It comes with a built in front head light and it has 3 working modes..ebike, assisted bike and normal bike. You can also add a burst of speed with the throttle when needed. This electric mountain bike does seem to have it all!

Main Features:

  • 250W Motor
  • 15 – 30 Mile Range
  • 21 Speed Gears
  • 3 Working Modes
  • Built in Front Headlight

2. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

Weighing in at just 25kg the NCM electric mountain bike comes with a study aluminum frame so it handles like a normal mountain bike. It comes with a 250W motor that has 6 levels of assist (you can turn the gear to 0 if you don’t want any assistance from the motor) and a top speed of 15.5mph.

It has an impressive range of 60 miles in ego mode so you have plenty of range to go on one of your adventures. It comes with multiple tire size options but the default 29″ tires for that extra clearance in off road terrain. It also comes with a LED display indicating the battery level, distance traveled, assist level and service internal indicator. This is certainly an impressive electric mountain bike!

Main Features:

  • 250W Motor
  • 60 Mile Range (eco mode)
  • 6 Levels of Assist
  • Aluminum Frame

3. Extrbici XF800 1000W Electric Mountain Bike With Full Suspension

So this option is a little more expensive and has an impressive array of features. It comes with a whopping 1000W 48V motor that can reach top speeds of 31mph. It has a 5 setting smart computer that displays important information for your journey including battery level, speed, distance and modes. One full battery charge will give you a range of 24 – 37 miles depending on terrain, pedal assist drivers weight etc.

It comes with a 26 inch aluminum frame and comes with a full suspension. To go with this it comes with a Shimano ASL TX50 7 Speeds Shift System and 26 inch tires. It weighs in at just 30kg which considering the hardware is quite impressive. This is a more expensive option but it is clearly a high quality electric mountain bike.

Main Features:

  • 1000W Motor
  • 31mph Top Speed
  • Range of 24 – 37 Miles
  • 7 Speed Shift System
  • 26″ Tires
  • Aluminium Frame

These are just some of the options available when looking for electric bikes for sale in the UK. There is quite an impressive range available and for all levels of budget. Remember that if getting a whole new electric bike is out of the question budget wise then we recommend going for a electric bike conversion kit which are considerably cheaper and can be fitted to your existing bike!