8 Best Electric Bikes Under £1000 (2021): Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Everyone these days is fascinated by the concept of electric bikes and how helpful it could be for the climate. In the earlier days, it was difficult to buy one of such bikes since not many companies manufactured them. But now, you can easily get one in your budget and for this, all your need to do is check out the list of best electric bikes under £1000 UK we have mentioned here.

We feel that they are the perfect mode of transportation for everyone who cannot afford to get a car or any other mode of transport. Let’s face it, in the current era it is not possible to spend so much money on taxis, buses, etc, and that ads up a lot in total. Hence, you can get these e-bikes for your everyday commute, office, school, college, etc. They are fast, keeps your healthy, perfect for the climate, and it does look cool as well.

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In the coming years that are about 10-20 years down the line, there will be a tremendous increase in the manufacturing of such e-bikes. The major reason behind this would be climate change and fossil fuels may become more of a luxury. So, before the demand increase in the future leading to an increase in the cost of all these electric bikes, it is better to get one for yourself in the most affordable range. Let us look at the list of the best electric bikes under £1000.

Why should you go for electric bikes?

electric bikes under $1000

There are several reasons that one should go for an electric bike. Some you may already presume since they are pretty obvious but to convince yourself into investing your money for an electric bike, here some of the major points you can look into.

  • Faster and much more flexible than regular bikes
  • Assisted Pedalling gives less stress to your knees and makes your ride even smoother.
  • Great for a healthy body
  • Environment-friendly
  • Perfect for Office and College rides
  • Saves time, money, and energy
  • Skip the hassle of public transport
  • Affordable and great investment for long term

All of the above are some of the few we can think of being the biggest advantages that you can get from buying an electric bike. It can be a great option for you for an entirely different purpose that is why you should for an electric bike.

Other than this, this e-bike is highly portable. Apart from the normal ones, some of these can be folded and you can keep it any space you like. It hardly takes time to fold it and get it in its place. You can even share it with your family since it runs on battery and that is all it needs. No hidden costs for fuel every day, or any maintenance every time. Simply take care of it during rainy days.

Moreover, you will be thrilled to know that even if you are not okay with hoping to buy an entire bike just for this purpose, there are e-bike conversion kits that are available too on the web. If you already have a regular bike, you can get these kits and convert it by yourself. It is that simple but may not work out for everyone since you need to have a bike that is in perfect shape.

Best Electric Bikes Under £1000 - Reviews

1. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

Cyclamatic Power Plus is an incredible electric bike that has been designed for mountain bikers. This makes it even more powerful than the regulars as you need great speed and strength to ride on a mountain. To start with, CX1 is an easy to use and completely safe bike that you can use all day long. It will hardly take more than 5 minutes to assemble everything when you received the package and you may not need any expert for this.

We loved the design and the frame of the bike that perfectly fits in like the mountain bike you would ask for. It has a good silver brushed finish that helps with its shining. Moreover, this bike is very comfortable and the seats are padded for your convenience. The CX1 has been built with precision and the 21-gear system adds more to it by making it even more reliable. Other than this, you can use it like a regular bike that requires constant peddling. However, if you want faster rides, you can kick in the electric mode and put less effort while peddling.

This bike can achieve a maximum speed of 15km/h which is incredible. It has been powered by the 250W brushless motor that gives the strength it needs for mountain biking. Furthermore, this electric bike runs on a 36V battery that gives the range of about 28 miles, and the battery lasts for 4-5 hours or even more.




2. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike for Adults

Ancheer is one of the best electric bikes under £1000. It is super lightweight and made of all aluminum alloy. You will be thrilled to discover that it is indeed a folding Bike that makes it highly portable and also easy to be carried around. This bike is powered by the 250W motor that can give you a maximum speed of about 25-27 km/h. It has a 7-speed transmission that is suitable for daily commuting needs. Also, this bike has three working modes i.e e-bike, assisted bicycle, and a normal bike.

This folding bike has both the front and rear bike that fully protects and takes care of your safety. Also, the front fork is made of a very strong carbon steel frame and also the shock absorbers do the job for you. As we spoke of the different modes, you can simply change between the modes with the help of an LED 3-speed smart meter button. Either choose to ride along on a normal bike or add speed to it. 

Furthermore, there isn’t much you need to do when it arrives, it is 85% assembled, and with simple instruction, you can do the entire assembling in minutes. It runs on a 36V 8AH Lithium-ion battery that has the capacity to go for a range of 25-30 miles. You can either charge it while on or off the bike. The best part of this bike is the armrests on the frame that help you to carry the bike pretty easily.




3. ELOPS 900 E

Elops 900 E could be one of your favorites for the smoothest ride ever. The design has been made to keep the urban setting in mind and looks very much close to regular bikes you use every single day. Well, the seats are comfortable enough and the shock absorbers save from any vibrations. It runs on a 250W motor that gives immense power to this and is mounted on the rear wheel.

To make your ride comfortable, it has 28 inches wide wheels that help you keep your balance at all times no matter the consequences or any difficult terrain that you come across. This bike has Tektro aluminum brake levers to ensure that you are safe from any accidents. These brakes are easy to use and very lightweight. Do not worry about the rain or any such weather condition cripple the brakes, they are precise and work out fine.

The best aspect of the bike is that the battery is hinged in the back seat of the bike that you can disconnect easily and take it home with you. While driving for office or any other such situation, take out the battery and you can easily charge it anywhere you like. All of this can be monitored by the LCD screen on the handles. You can monitor the speed, battery power, and control the three driving modes. That is why this is one of the best electric bikes under £1000 2021.




4. Eelo 1885 PRO Folding Electric Bike

We have another one of the best electric bikes under £1000 that has everything you would want from an electric bike. Eelo 1885 Pro is a highly portable and lightweight bike. With its unique features that you can leave out, the cost does go up higher than you would think of. You can simply fold it up and store it in any place for more convenience. It does not need any parking space, rather a storage space in your home or garage. Like we said it is lightweight, it is because it is made of aluminum that weighs 16.5 kg only.

To start with, it has a small LCD display on the handles, that provides you every info you need to know about your bike. It includes the speed limit, battery power, and distance traveled. The best part of this is that it is waterproof so no harm will come to it even though you accidentally wash it up or while riding in the rain. Similar to what we have seen before, this too has 3-automated pedal assistance so that you can drive safer.

For durability, this bike has multi-spoke alloy wheels along with Tektro disc brakes for extra security. It has a rather intelligent battery system that keeps it in check so that it is not overstrained. Other than this, it takes only 3-4 hours of charging time which is pretty great and can cover a max distance of about 40 miles.




5. MARTES Electric Folding Bike

Are you looking for a rugged looking and the best looking bike on a budget? Well, Martes Electric bike is the one you should go for. We loved every aspect of the look and the built structures. From tires to seat, everything has been designed with precision. This is the actual mountain bike that you have been longing for best electric bikes under £1000. It has 4-inch tires that are not only good for streets but over the mountains with ease. 

The seat is something we were in absolute awe of. It has the cushion shock absorption that keeps you away from any vibrations. Like we said, the tires are brilliant and also absorb shocks of any kind especially on difficult terrain. You can simply make it a lot better by reducing the air in the tires. The best part is the most powerful 500W motor that gives the bike immense power. Other than this, it has the shock-absorbing front fork and rear dual brakes that give you a smooth ride. 

Also, the incredible 7-speed Shimano professional transmission is what you need to control speed. This bike has a 48V battery in the bike that can be easily charged and also gives you added power to keep the ride on for a long time. Your battery is protected as well as it is contained in a compartment by a key lock.




6. ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike

In best electric bikes under £1000 uk we have another bike from Ancheer, but this time it has the upgraded version of the mountain bike. The overall design and build quality look incredibly good. Just like others this too we made of aluminum alloy which is super lightweight and makes this too very portable. Not only this every part of the structure is made of aluminum and it adds strength to the frame and entire structure.

This too has 3 working modes i.e. e-bike, normal bike, and assisted bike. Well, you can use it as a normal bike like you would want and pedal normally. Or else there are options to go for full-electric mode or the assisted mode so that it is much safer for you. If you have not used such bikes before, the speed can be overwhelming, hence the Front and rear mechanical disc brakes can come in handy for you. For more power to take you climbing up the hill, you can make use of the 21-Speed gear. It assists you to increase the speed so that it is easier to take the bike up the hill.

Other than this, it is powered by a decent 250W motor for more power. To keep you going on with the ride, the 36V 8AH lithium-Ion removable battery works for the best. This bike can go for as high speed as 15mph and can reach a range of up to 15-30 miles. It has a small meter on the handle that is for maintaining the working modes and speed.




7. Cyclamatic Pro CX4

Cyclamatic Pro C4 is everything about mobility, portability, and a sense of convenience that it provides to its riders. The bike looks smaller than the regular ones that are bigger in size. It is a superb traveling partner since you can easily fold it within seconds and store it in any place you find suitable. Take it with you while traveling and fit it in the back of your car as it takes very little space.

With the motor power of 250W which is the decent power, you can take the bike to a max speed of 15mph over the road. Moreover, it is not a mountain bike but rather you can use it for your daily commute. Also, it is great for your office, work, and even going to college every day. This bike can be used by you in a normal bike mode and also in a semi-automated electric mode. It means you will need a little peddling to get through even on being motor power.

This is perfect for you if you are a health freak. It runs on a 24V battery power that takes about 4-6 hours to charge which can be a bit too much but simply put it in charge in the morning and get through the entire day by covering a distance of 18.5-25miles in a single charge. This is one of the best electric bikes under £1000




8. Hyuhome Electric Bikes for Adult

Hyuhome is one of the best electric bikes under £1000 UK and also has the best design. Instantly, we loved the entire look of it and the build quality is top-notch. It is a mountain bike that runs on 350W motor power and can reach a speed of 35km/h which is insanely good. To keep you updated about all your activities and about your bike, the smart computer can display the battery status, speed, and distance.

The handles on the bike have an ergonomic design and the seats are very comfortable as well. It also serves to be a shock absorber since you will be riding on difficult terrains on climbing up a mountain. It has 3 working modes that we have already seen in multiple other models i.e electric mode, regular bike, and assisted mode. So, you can either go for automatic mode entirely or choose the semi-automatic one so that it is much safer.

However, the best aspect is its highly powerful 36v battery capacity supports 50Km/31Mile to 90Km/60Mile distance or range. It is pretty amazing that it can cover such a distance in a single charge. Since it follows fast charging, you can remove the battery from the frame and charge it completely within 3-4 hours.




Factors to consider while purchasing Electric Bikes - A Buyer’s Guide

best electric bikes under £1000 2020

Starting with the motor power, each bike has a power range that starts from 250W which is considered to be a decent number. As our budget is set up under £1000, you can easily find a decent bike switch with the best motor power. Anything below that may not be even good for your daily commute as well.

Furthermore, we have listed bikes that have the motor power of 350W as well as 500W which are excellent options if you need a powerful bike to climb up the mountains or ride on difficult terrain. It does help a lot by giving them enough speed and power. Along with the peddling, it becomes a lot easier.

Most of the bikes listed above have aluminum frames. The reason being that these bikes are under a budget and also aluminum frames are usually very lightweight. Moreover, the build quality is exceptionally strong overall making it durable overall. In fact, these frames also have lower costs than usual so than you can afford them as per your budget.

Lithium-ion batteries are the ones that you are going to find on all the e-bikes. All the affordable ones have this battery which is the best one to go for. Other expensive bikes may have high tech batteries that are much more reliable. But as of now, all you need to take care of is a decent battery life that has faster charging capabilities too. Such batteries mostly take around 2-6 hours as we have seen in the battery life above. Other than that, such batteries need to cover up good distance in a single charge that matters the most.

We all need a bike which is lightweight and highly portable. A lot of bikes that we have listed can be easily folded and stored in your garage or even your home. We all know that electric bikes are not so good under the rain, so it can be a little difficult to keep them parking. Hence these foldable bikes come in handy so tha you can make the best out of it. Other than this, you can choose to take it with you while traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Mostly, all the electric bikes that you use or have come across use lithium-ion batteries and they can go on for up to 1000 full cycles. Other than this, it all depends on how you use it and keep it maintained at all times. Also, overall, you can think of these electric bikes that can easily work for about 3-5 years no matter whichever you pick.

No, actually it is a lot easier to pedal an electric bike. The basic notion behind these bikes is the fact that they reduce the effort more than any normal bike you have ridden before. If you have picked out an automated bike, you may not have to pedal at all. But for the semi automated ones, a little pedaling will be needed.

Yes, it is legal and safe to ride on electric bikes in the UK. There are certain rules and limitations that do apply for such bikes but other than that there is nothing to be worried about. One of the aspects that you should know is that you do not need a license to drive such bikes. Also, the bikes must have max motor power of 250W if you do not want to make a license for it.

Final Verdict

So, here we have pretty much everything that we have covered here to help you select the best Electric Bikes Under £1000 in the UK. All you have to do now is simply go through the list we have to give above and also check out the factors that will help you select one. If you have never ridden a bike before, it is always better to know more about it before you can make a good investment.

We have done our research and made sure you get the best options. It may take some time, but other than that you are good to go. If you have some doubts about the information we have provided, you can check out the official links and make yourself acquainted with it. Or else you can let us know if you have any doubts in the comment section below.

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